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Dec 4 Closing Reception and Web-publication-swag official launch

Dec 4 Closing Reception and Web-publication-swag official launch

Special Closing Reception and Web-publication-swag official launch SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4
RSVP Guests- 2-3pm CT (limited 25 people) contact to


Join Urban Shaman Gallery for the closing of Nadia Myre’s Living with Contradiction and Other Work” and artist talk.

ONLINE ARTIST TALK Saturday, December 4 at 2-3pm CT

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Plus enjoy refreshments and human face to face (6 feet apart please LOL) conversations,

as we also officially launch our publication

[shooger-koht-ed]            Ziizibaakwadagoke (Ojibwe)            Ésíwinikátéki (Cree)

Our new look for our website


25th Anniversary tee shirts and hoodies


We are following Mb Gov’t Covid precautions, guests must have vaccination info when visiting. Contact to be on the RSVP list (limited guests of 25 people).


Ziizibaakwadagoke (Ojibwe)
Ésíwinikátéki (Cree)


Artists: Catherine Forest, Jessica Canard, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Bret Parenteau

Curator: Janell Henry

Authors: Daina Warren, Janell Henry, Maria Muñoz Gomez

Translators: Roger Roulette (Ojibwe), Alderick Leask (Cree), J. Kenneth Paupanekis (Cree)

Editing: Jessica Jacobson-Konefall

Copy Editing: Roger Roulette (Ojibwe), J. Kenneth Paupanekis (Cree) and Debbie Keeper

Print Design: Bret Parenteau

Photography: Karen Asher

Printed in Canada, Copyright: 2020

Printers: Friesens

ISBN: (Ojibwe) 978-0-9731935-5-8

(Cree) 978-0-9731935-6-5

Price: $20.00 each or 2 language set for $35.00 (Shipping extra)

Contact for orders

Official RSVP reception launch-  Saturday, December 4 from 2-3pm CT (see NEWS for details of Launch/Closing reception and how you can join)

About the publication…

In 2019 [shooger-koht-ed] was exhibited at Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery through Sacred Sounds: Legacy of Anishinaabemowin1 project. Urban is proud to release our new publication of the show in two separate books in the Indigenous languages of Cree and Ojibwe.

“Out of the twenty thousand to one hundred thousand words the typical English-speaking adult knows, the word sugarcoated is a go-to description used by different people in different situations to describe the rhetoric surrounding Indigenous rights. Many agree. From the works of four artists, our attention sways between the different thoughts and emotions that are felt when unpacking that sugarcoated language.” – Janell Henry, Curator

1The Sacred Sounds: Legacy of Anishinaabemowin project by Urban Shaman Gallery celebrates the individual and collective efforts to maintain and strengthen language revitalization by Indigenous artists, linguists and educators from North America.


Intern Brennan Mckay is stylish in our 25th Anniversary tee

Tee shirts $30.00 each, or special tee +membership for $40.00 (yes we have tap at the gallery)

Hoodies $55.00

*thank you to artist Peatr Thomas for design and making the swag.