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New look to our WEBSITE!

New look to our WEBSITE!

Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery’s (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) Indigenous languages initiative, “Sacred Sounds: The Legacy of Anishinaabemowin” started in 2019. The project and efforts have continued to this day, and will continue. One of the three goals with this program is the “translation of programming and publicity materials”, has been and is a budding success! We have learned of the challenges in finding available translators as they are incredibly busy, to building a website featuring seven Manitoba Indigenous languages. We know that it will blossom and inspire many to learn these languages. We hope to influence other Indigenous focused organizations to include an Indigenous language component for their community to read and learn too. Our newly designed website is now live and focuses on the seven primary Manitoba Indigenous languages on our main content pages (About, Submissions, etc.) at To access the “Language” translations on our website go to the navigation bar on the left-hand side of our site (About, News etc.) and select your choice of languages to read in. Please remember that this is still a new site and we are still working out the kinks.

For the “Exhibitions” section, we offer translated Artist Statements and Biographies in the language preferred by the artist(s) and is focused on that particular show. At this time, we are working within the parameters of the seven Manitoba Indigenous languages. Stay tuned as we hope to offer more in the future! When you read the different languages please keep in mind that translations are based on the dialect, understanding and interpretation of the individual translators who have assisted Urban Shaman in this endeavor. Some translations from English to an Indigenous language can be tricky. We are learning ourselves and it is our hope that this will inspire more organizations to revitalize and bring Indigenous languages to the forefront of their organizations. Should you notice any major mistakes please contact our Outreach Coordinator at

We hope to make friends and reach more Indigenous language translators to assist us in educating the public about Manitoba Indigenous languages. Please feel free to reach out to Urban Shaman Gallery for projects that involve language classes, to visit the gallery or to see how we can work together to offer Indigenous language internships. If you are interested, introduce yourself to us and provide us with previous language work references and email to

As part of the “Sacred Sounds: The Legacy of Anishinaabemowin” we thank the special support of…