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HELP US WIN $20,000 in the month of JUNE!

HELP US WIN $20,000 in the month of JUNE!

We will say this every year…June 2022 is the month when Urban wins, no matter what… thanks to your generosity and our great programming! Click on the “Help Us WIN..” to make your donation.

What is The Great Canadian Giving Challenge? It is a National public contest to benefit any registered Canadian charity. Every $1 donated to a registered charity in June via, automatically enters the charity to win an additional $20,000 donation. The grand prize draw will take place on July 1st, Canada Day, and one lucky charity will receive this new grand prize of $20,000.

What we are working on and how your donations make things happen. Our three…

Urban’s BIG moving plans still in the works…

The future Market Lands hub, located in the iconic Exchange District in Winnipeg, is expected to be completed by summer 2024 and will feature three artist-run centres, multi-use shared spaces, and more. With the exciting news of our future, and literally a NEW space, we are starting to get ready for moving into our new home! Moving costs and new office furniture are on our wish list.

Inclusion of Manitoba Indigenous languages all year round…

For the past four years Urban has been featuring Manitoba Indigenous languages in our program materials and writings about the shows we exhibit.  We want to continue seeing Indigenous languages prominently featured after our language initiative projects Sacred Sounds, The Speech Act and More Than Words are completed. Your generosity will contribute to the translation costs of our language initiatives for upcoming programming years.

Online and in person ASL resources for the public…

As we expand our endeavors to make learning about contemporary Aboriginal art accessible for the public, we’d like to provide ASL for our artist talks and online webinars.

Remember June is the month to donate, and July 1 we find out who gets the draw!