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The Speech Act Project UPDATES

The Speech Act Project UPDATES

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Partnership between Urban Shaman Gallery and Winnipeg Trails Association

Get outside with our upcoming audio based mobile application. We will have you trailblazing AND learning an Indigenous language along the North Winnipeg bike trail.


Ryan Gorrie Bizindaadiwag

Installation will be at Michelle Jean Park, 65 Granville Street, Winnipeg

Introducing new works by Ryan Gorrie: Bizindaadiwag is an action to make audible Indigenous language present and publicly available. It creates an opportunity to hear language communicated by different ages and different voices. It provides a place where anyone on their language learning journey can pause to listen, perhaps speak and to meet others who have the same interests. Language is generational, parent to child, from the beginning of our lives to the end of our lives.

The project is made up of two benches at different heights, that of a child and that of an adult. Both benches have integrated audio of Indigenous language and are connected by a zig zag pattern on the ground. The zig zag is symbolic of the path of our lives with each of the seven points representing a different stage in our lives. The vertical elements which hold the audio components represent the spirit. We enter the world as spirit and leave the world as spirit.

Bizindaadiwag is part of the Speech Act Project and aims to advance the knowledge of Indigenous language and encourage people to listen and learn in the context of the land. Language is more than sounds ordered and arranged, it contains whole worlds, perspectives and cultural understanding in order to live in relation to the rest of creation.

About the Artist 

Ryan Gorrie is an architect and artist and is a member of Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek. Ryan strives to ensure the perpetuation of Indigenous culture through creative opportunities ranging from the crafting of traditional items for ceremonial use to large-scale landmark architecture.


Boozhoo,Aniin! Urban Shaman Gallery & Winnipeg Trails “The Speech act project” presents to you…

 Learning the Languages With B (aka LLB)

Host/Creator Brennan Mckay invited guest learners to take part in a few short episode over the past few weeks.

Research states that sometimes learning a new language with someone makes it more fun!  Whether an extrovert or introvert, “Learning the language with B” is engaging and interactive for our audience.



Did you know that 2022-2032 is the international decade of Indigenous Languages?

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