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Niizh Manidoog Giigidowag / The Spirits Are Talking

Niizh Manidoog Giigidowag / The Spirits Are Talking

Artist(s): Joseph Sanchez
Start: January 18, 2021 12:00 am
End: February 27, 2021 12:00 am
Galleries: Main

Extended Virtual Gallery till February, 2022

With this new way of viewing our gallery, and due to lockdown, we have extended Joseph’s virtual show here. Thank you Joseph!

Virtual Gallery up till May 12, 2021
****Virtual Gallery HERE****

Press release in Ojibwe and English

Sanchez interview on January 28, 2021 on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables on CKUW (THANKS GUYS!)
part 1:
part deux:
Problems? Look here on their website:

Curiosity Cabinet of Joseph M Sanchez

1. He is lightning struck.
2. An artist since he was 10 and a self described surrealist since he was 13.
3. Walked on gilded splinters with the King of the Zulu.
4. Starseed.
5. Dedicated father to his two children, his many god children, and teacher of all children in the communities I share.
6. Listens to the elders and ancestors.
7. Youngest member of the legendary Native Group of Seven, PNIA,Inc..
8. Sharing what he has learned in this life with the next generations.
9. Speaks to the Art World about understanding Art by Indigenous people.
10. Worked, played, advised, collaborated, and danced with many legends.
11. Believes in ceremony and guidance from Creator.
12. Keeping the spirit and work of the Native Group of Seven in the hearts and minds of the People.
13. Speaks to the destruction of our planet, our Mother Earth, by the capitalistic, colonizing, racist, ego-driven, so-called leaders.
14. Believes in the 7 generations coming.
15. Aka spiritual Surrealist, indio dali, visionary activist, and dreamer.
IG & FB:  josephmsanchezartist