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And a current runs through me…: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Sho...

And a current runs through me…: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Shorts Program

Artist(s): Chanelle Lajoie, Jennifer Dysart, Sonya Ballantyne, Charlene Moore, The Ephemerals, Caroline Monnet
Start: September 30, 2023 7:00 pm
End: September 30, 2023 8:00 pm
Galleries: Offsite

Offsite Programming

Presented in collaboration with Winnipeg Film Group/ Dave Barber Cinematheque and Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery…

And a current runs through me…

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Shorts Program

Directors: Chanelle Lajoie, Jennifer Dysart, Sonya Ballantyne, Charlene Moore, The Ephemerals, Caroline Monnet

Curated by Jillian Groening & Mahlet Cuff

When: September 30 @ 7:00 pm

Where: Dave Barber Cinematheque- Main Floor – 100 Arthur Street

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“And a current runs through me…” is a series of six short films connected through their relationship to transmission. From the digital transference of archival footage to the transgenerational effects of colonial genocide, each film in the series expands upon the idea of what a body might carry – transgressively, tenderly, and transformatively. Presented in recognition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, this series features works by Indigenous filmmakers Sonya Ballantyne, Jennifer Dysart, the Ephemerals, Chanelle Lajoie, Caroline Monnet, and Charlene Moore.

This collection of films by Métis, Cree, and Anishinaabe women and gender non-conforming artists weaves a variety of stories together. With a focus on documentary and experimental film, each work stands on its own as a way to touch on the complexities within each of the artist’s identities. Whether passing down stories from generation to generation or with kin, these transmissions are laden with the hardships of facing the realities of intergenerational trauma while moving through the violences of colonialism with the foundation of being grounded in their selfhood.

Each film in “And a current runs through me…” is a gift which resonates beyond the parameters of the screen. From the crooks of the body to the seams of a moccasin, this series addresses the ceaseless transtemporal echoes which continue through generations.

Métis Femme Bodies

a short film by Chanelle Lajoie

5:51 | Documentary | Colour | January 2019

Métis Femme Bodies is an exploration into the experiences of what has become a repressed identity in both Indigenous and femme forms. Métis Femme Bodies aims to offer visibility and voice to those who have been denied such luxury in order to accurately represent themselves and correct misleading narratives imposed by greater power structures.


Caribou in the Archive

a short film by Jennifer Dysart

8:11 | Documentary / Experimental | Colour, B&W | January 2019

In Caribou in the Archive, rustic VHS home video of a Cree woman hunting caribou in the 1990s is combined with NFB archival film footage of northern Manitoba from the 1950s. In this experimental film, the difference between homemade video and official historical record is considered. Northern Indigenous women hunting is at the heart of this personal found footage film in which the filmmaker describes the enigmatic events that led to saving an important piece of family history from being lost forever.



a short film by Sonya Ballantyne

10:31 | Documentary | Colour | May 2017

In Nosisim, Sonya Ballantyne learns of her grandmother’s traumatic past through a drawing titled ‘Virginia and Gladys’ by famed Indigenous artist Daphne Odjig. This masterful rendition of Sonya’s grandmother and mother, Virginia and Gladys George, was done shortly after they were forced from their home due to a manmade hydroelectric dam.


Moccasin Stories

a short film by Charlene Moore

21:32 | Documentary | Colour | December 2016

Moccasins are more than footwear. They have the power to show us who we are. This Manitoba documentary follows the stories and lives of Indigenous Women and demonstrates the important role Moccasins have played in their lives.


Maiden Indian

a short film by The Ephemerals

3:25 | Documentary | Colour | June 2011

Curious about the recent popularity of mukluks and feathered headbands, three friends begin sifting through racks of new trends collecting fashionable signifiers of Indigenous identity. Their window shopping is contrasted by a museum visit full of artifacts and ethnographic dioramas meant to represent historical Aboriginal culture. With fabric and sewing machines, they begin to stitch together their own dresses based on the pastiche of their experiences and understanding.



a short film by Caroline Monnet

4:35 | Documentary / Experimental | Colour | June 2009

IKWÉ is an experimental film that weaves the narrative of one woman’s (IKWÉ) intimate thoughts with the teachings of her grandmother, the Moon, creating a surreal narrative experience that communicates the power of thoughts and personal reflection.