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About Urban Shaman


Urban Shaman is an Aboriginal artist-run centre dedicated to meeting the needs of artists by providing a vehicle for artistic expression in all disciplines and at all levels by taking a leadership role in the cultivation of Indigenous art.


Urban Shaman presents contemporary Indigenous Aboriginal art with integrity while remaining rooted in our diverse Aboriginal cultures.


Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art is a nationally recognized leader in Aboriginal arts programming and one of the foremost venues and voices for Aboriginal art in Canada. Our focus on developing new programming and new ways of presenting it have resulted in increased exposure and the expansion of our activities. Urban Shaman is dedicated to the Aboriginal arts community and arts community at large.

  • Committed to serving the needs of emerging, mid-career, and established Aboriginal artists through exhibitions and associated programming, workshops, residencies and curatorial initiatives.
  • Dedicated to contributing to art historical and cultural critical discourses on a local, national, and international level.
  • Committed to facilitating artistic production, education, and appreciation of contemporary art as an important and empowering tool for Aboriginal peoples.

Admission to the gallery is free.

Accessibility information for Urban Shaman Inc.

Urban Shaman Inc. is not located in a fully accessible building.

Once in the gallery, the galleries are spacious and simple to navigate, although there are a number of pillars.

Staff is very happy to assist in any way we can. Please email us at or call ahead 204.942.2674 to let us know of any special arrangements that would make your visit as comfortable as possible.

The following describes how to enter the space from the 290 McDermot Avenue entrance.


There are loading bays directly in front of the 290 and 288 McDermot Avenue. There are also three parking spots on either end of the loading bay.

Opposite Urban Shaman there is an Impark parking lot.

Entering the building

There are two steps up to the street entrance door

The door swings into the building and is on a strong spring.

There are an additional 5 steps up to reach the small area in front of the passenger elevator.

Urban Shaman is located on the 2nd floor, Unit #203.

Upon leaving the elevator walk straight forward to the red door directly across from elevator (not the red door located to the right of you).

The entrance to Urban is through the doorway, after a few steps brings you into the main space and office location of the gallery.


We have two washrooms however these are not accessible to those using wheelchairs.

They are located in a small room with one step up into each toilet area.

The Galleries

These are large areas punctuated by widely spaced columns.

The Woodshop

This is not wheelchair accessible.